The mission of the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME) is to stimulate fundamental research at the interface between biomedicine and engineering/physical/computational sciences leading to innovative applications in biomedical research and clinical practice. The IME was created in 1996 by a mandate from the Trustees of the University to bring together the Schools of Medicine (SOM) and Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) to pursue opportunities for collaborative research.

Penn Center for Molecular Discovery

The Penn Center for Molecular Discovery (PCMD) is a multi-disciplinary center that screens small molecules from around the world in search of new, potentially useful biologically effective agents.

Penn Biomedical Microfluidics Center

The Penn Biomedical Microfluidics Center (PBMC) will provide high value technologies to diverse scientists seeking to take advantage of this growing but highly diverse set of research tools. PBMC utilizes the talents of many investigators at Penn who are expert in microfluidics, micropatterning, and microelectronics for biomedical research.

Pulmonary Cell Center

The CMREF mission is to aid in uncovering the etiology and pathogenesis of many forms of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), in pursuit of the ultimate goal of its treatment and cure.


One area of research in our laboratory is the study of the rheological properties of normal and diseased soft tissues and elucidating how cells and the structural components of the extracellular matrix may contribute to these rheological properties.
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